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What is Philosophy Workshop?

This website gives you a connection to people and resources that make philosophy a living thing Рsomething you can use to understand and enhance your life. And as the strapline says, the purpose of all endeavor is to lead a more pleasurable life, or what the ancients would call a good life.

For those interested in practical philosophy we offer a methodology to navigate life more consciously, counselors who can help with practice, and videos and documents dealing with pertinent issues (more of these as time progresses). The methodology is called SOUnd (an acronym formed from Sense-Observe-Understand), and while the method is simplicity itself  Рsense your state, observe it, understand the state Рthe practice is extremely difficult. The essential ideas can be freely got from this website, but from our own experience and that of many others, it is almost impossible to achieve anything on our own. To this end we have two counselors prepared to help, but both parties need to agree that they can be useful to each other since this work is long and difficult, but the prize has worth beyond measure Рa conscious life aligned with reality.

There are no promises here of enlightenment, awakened states, salvation or any other idealizations that imply some escape from everyday existence. What can (and has been) delivered through SOUnd is an inner composure that comes from understanding the world and oneself. Understanding is much more powerful than most suppose. It is the key to inner freedom and contentment.